Jul 12, 2009


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Jun 22, 2009

From New Delhi, India to Prescott, Alabama

The past few weeks have been somewhat of a blur. Well, the month of May would definitely qualify in that category. We were out of town for three consecutive weekends and interspersed in that madness, the girls went to Tallahassee for an entire week with their grandparents. Fun was had by all but boy are we exhausted. June has been a bit more laid back but there have still been some fun times in the mix. We’ve been really enjoying our time on the bikes. The girls are asking to go on bike rides now and while the last 30 minutes are me behind the trailer yelling at them to stop fighting, they want to go every other day.

Our sweet friend Miss Lauren is getting marred in the fall to a great guy who happens to be Indian. For their engagement party, they had a Sangeet. A traditional Hindi ceremony (I really have NO CLUE what I’m talking about, actually), they had a ring ceremony where his family welcomes her into the fold. Everyone had on such bright colors. The food was fantastic and the dancers stole the show. The girls loved every bit of it and I felt (somewhat pride-fully, I admit) pretty proud that we were able to give them this cultural experience.

Alex and Lauren, the groom and bride with one of their flower girls.

Ellabee and Lauren

The children were invited to join the couple in the front to watch the dancing.

After the dancing with the performers

Ellabee and Atticus.

The day after the Sangeet, I headed to camp for our annual week reliving my childhood. Last summer and again this summer I took Ellabee for a part of the time. It was perhaps the hottest I've ever felt at camp. For the love - the heat index was 105 - 110 degrees... You would sweat just sitting still.Regardless of the heat, though... we were at camp and there is never a more lovely place. I'm exhausted of course from late nights, all day sweating and never much time to sit still, but I already miss it and can't wait until next year. The best night of the

The view from the bottom of the falls in the gorge.

Jun 6, 2009

The Start of Summer

June 1st... June 1st means summer is here. I've been enjoying the sounds and smells of summer since April but June seals the deal. My children have really been sealing the craziness lately. I think it's the age... a 2 year old and a 5 year old.

Some takes on the first six days of summer:

I started back on Weight Watchers. I'm hungry and irritable. But I'm also losing so that's good. In our family devotion time two nights ago John prayed for my diet... Ellabee quickly corrected him. "It's not a diet Daddy. It's a lifestyle change." In an effort to help my lifestyle change, John bought me a bike - an early birthday present. We also got a trailer for the kiddos to ride behind me as I go... it can be a family affair. My God my butt hurts.

After our inaugural ride. 40 minutes on the bike... pulling 100 + lbs. I consider it a good workout, right?

The start of summer also means that our neighbors are back on the front porches, stoops and in our yards daily (if not hourly). I love our close knit community and the summer nights (in fact, even tonight) are spent drinking a glass of wine on Gran D's porch or eating dinner on ours. God plopped us right in the middle of a motley crew, that's for sure. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Uncle Sam, Uncle Lou Lou, Daddy, Anne Bailey, Gran D and Ellabee

The ice cream truck has been a staple in the hood for the past week - every day. We wonder if he'll ever get a new song... but to watch the Stone girls lose it when they hear the carousel music ringing through the neighborhood is a sight to behold. It's hilarious and youc an't help but allow them their desired treat

She thought she was so big on the wall. What a big girl.

Mary Holland and Ellabee enjoying the "fruits of summer"

Jun 1, 2009

Reflections on the American Girl Doll Store

For some reason unknown... well, known only to God... we drove the 1 hour trip Southeast to the city of Atlanta where, among other things, there is the American Girl Store. We decided that the weekend had put the girls in a position that they really couldn't be expected to handle well and they handled it as well as can be expected. so, off to the American Girl Store we went.

What a trip - of course we chose the day they released the new American Girl doll (Rebecca, it would have it) and EVERY child in Atlanta with their parent was there. Here are some pictures of the kiddos with their babies.

Anne Bailey with Anna.

Ellabee with the kids.

it was a long LONG day.

May 31, 2009

Stone Family Photos

One of the really good things to happen in Rome was the cousins were able to meet and we were able to spend time together. Here are some pics from the Stone family.

I think my favorite pic but alas, in the shadows.

Three grandchildren.

Better in full sun.
Brim (John's mom), Ben (John's brother), Jen (Ben's wife) holding Daniel (our nephew), Lee (John's dad), Ellabee, John, Molly and Anne Bailey. The Stone 9

May 30, 2009

Gratsi from Rome... Georgia

Oh how I wish it was Italy... although I don't because I have my kids with me. Not that I don't love having my girls with me, but in Europe - no, not yet. So, we're in a hotel in Rome, GA having just come in from the wedding and gotten the girls in the bed, 2 hours after their normal bedtime. It was a fun time, and stressful too. The girls are just young. 5 and 2 are hard ages I've decided. The 5 year old is going through that I'm a "big" girl - when she's really not and the 2 year old is, well, two.

Anyway, we've made the most out of it and had a nice visit with John's brother, his wife and son. they live in Berkley, CA so we rarely get to see them. In fact, this is the first time the kids have met.

Here are some pics:

Weddings are a great time to catch up with our family... this is John's cousin Nobie Stone who is actually a rocket-scientist... no lie.

Brim did the cake - isn't it gorgeous?!?

The grooms cake - can you believe this?

The color scheme and theme of the wedding was PRECIOUS!

Leaving the chapel after the wedding.

Crossing the foot bridge coming back from the park.

Meeting Daniel for the first time, Ellabee got to hold him.

Uncle John in action.

May 26, 2009

Our First Trip to the Bay of the Summer

We made it down to the Bay for Memorial Day weekend with the family... It was relaxing and fun. Everyday the forecast said that we would be rained out but everyday out came the sun! We got to spend two days on the boat and the rest of the time on the beach. Sand everywhere but it was a ball.

Daddy also killed himself to get the playset moved from Amy's for the girls to play on. The boys ended up enjoying it too. Here are some pics from the weekend.

We had an occasional thunderstorm blowup but it didn't deter our time on the beach.

Anne Bailey had such a fun time in the water, she decided that baby needed to go in too - yep, her name is baby... because, you know, no one puts baby in the corner!

We had our goggles and a boogy board - oh and the California bikini.

Amy and Emery's new puppy, Grady - a great dane with something else in him - hung out on the boat and in the water with us.

Daddy even made it to the Bay for the trip

Definitely our beach baby!

I love the dock.

The lifeguards... not sure if this makes me feel safe or not.

Summer 1 where the girls can actually play in teh water together!

A new tradition, John drives to Biloxi for racks of Ribs ... that daddy and the rest of us devour them.